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After a long battle fighting complications from a cancer removal, my mother-in-law passed away September 7.

Many things are on hold as we deal with the changes in our lives. Please check back in a couple weeks when I anticipate resuming blogging at geminitao.


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21stcentdadsart.jpgI truly enjoy bringing my two-year old daughter to the library. I also enjoy bringing my almost four-year old son. Bringing them together does not hold the same joy. In fact, it can be quite challenging. It is not just a tad bit more difficult; the difficulty level is exponential. One plus one, in this instance, does not equal two. It equals something, I don’t know what, but it’s much more than that.

Here are two challenges, no, two experiences, from today’s outing:

First, after playing for awhile with the library toys, Luke announced he had to go potty. Emma did not want to come with at first. After being given the thought and choice of leaving for home or coming with, she quickly came around and decided to join us.

In the bathroom, Luke and I were washing our hands when Emma headed for the door. The door was behind a long thick block wall. She was out of my sight, but not to worry: The door is too heavy for her to open. Opening the door was not what she had in mind.

Click. Complete darkness.

Luke is almost immediately upset by this and called for the lights to be turned back on. I slowly made my way to the door.

Click. Emma turned the lights back on just as I reached the door and began looking for the switch.

Later, back at the play area, I started writing this experience in my little notebook. I had only looked down for a moment when I heard Luke’s voice call “Daddy” from a short distance away. I looked up and sure enough, he was nowhere in sight. I got up and walked around the corner from the kids’ play area toward the front desk. Not there. Again, I heard Luke’s voice: “Daddy.” This time with a hint of anxiety in his tone. I called his name as I changed directions and found him walking back towards the play area.

The joys of taking two young children to the library.

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