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Good Day

I turned around
To meet the ground
The morning was here
My eyes focused in
My day was about to begin
Yet nothing was clear

I took a shower
It gave me more power
I was ready to face the day
I ran into the door
My body is sore
I hope I’ll be okay

I found my paper in the street
Went to get something to eat
But couldn’t find a scrap of food in my house
Finally I was ready to go
I stubbed my toe
And was frightened by a mouse

I made it to my car
Thought that I would go far
But I had lost my keys
I had to take my bike
Do you wonder what a bad day is like?
Today went with ease


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Over 4 years, really?

I just checked on my last post on this site and, well, wow. Has it really been over four years?


How can four years go by so fast?

Answer in a word: Life.

Much has changed in these years. Some things continue still.

In the days to come, I will fill you in on changes and happenings and thoughts and ideas. I will also share writings past and present. I will share new dreams and directions.

Welcome back!

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