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More than 250,000 (estimated) new weblogs are created every day. A phenomenal amount of information is generated and disseminated daily and it is growing exponentially. Information overload is becoming a real mental health concern.

So does the world really need another blog? How will this blog stand out?

geminitao provides a unique perspective on a number of subjects presented as mini-blogs within this main blog. Rather than focus on one single topic, posts will be of a more eclectic nature covering everything from politics to education to discussion of social issues like suicide and parenting. Other times creative writing will be shared as well as reviews and discussions about books and other topics.


Many of the 250,000 new weblogs created on a given day have been mine. I have much to share on a number of subjects, but not enough to consistently sustain a blog on a single topic. Hence, miniblogs. A miniblog is posting on specific subjects within an umbrella blog. Here are the miniblogs I have in mind for geminitao:

Aisle of View. This is a place for political and social discussions on a number of issues and ideas. In Aisle of View, I welcome a dialog that includes differences of opinion.

Inside the 17th Minute. Every 17 minutes, a suicide is completed in the United States. This miniblog explores the ramifications of the 17th minute from the perspective of a survivor: me. My 14-year old son completed suicide on June 1, 2004. Entries will focus on many aspects of the 17th minute including suicide, suicide prevention, and being a survivor.

21st Century Dads. I’m taking a year-long sabbatical from work as a special education teacher to, among other things, spend time with my three children and manage a household. This miniblog will be a place for sharing experiences with kids, venting any frustrations felt, and discussing anything related to the wonderful, enriching, challenging, frustrating, all engrossing endeavor of parenting.

Edusations. I have been a full-time special education teacher for the past nine years and although it has been an interesting and enjoyable experience for the most part, I need a break and a change. Despite being on a leave of absence from the profession, I would still like to maintain a focus on and involvement in it. This miniblog is a place to do that.

F451. In his book Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury describes a society where books are banned and readers are shunned. However, an underground exists where the classics are memorized and live on within individuals. Parallels can be made between today’s world. Despite a publishing bonanza, book reading is declining. This miniblog aims to discuss books, the importance of reading, and the powerful contribution reading can make to the quality of our lives.

Creativity Corner. Short fiction and poetry and other creative work will be shared here.

Bits & Pieces. Little items that do not fit another category will be posted here.

I look at this endeavor as a journey and look forward and welcome readers to share in it.


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